Sporting venues have a unique set of exposures and protection needs

At Doodson we are expert at finding the right blend of insurance cover to deal with these. Many of the venues we protect are historical or architecturally significant buildings where an off the peg insurance policy is simply not adequate in most circumstances. In this respect we provide our client with the confidence that we and their insurer(s) truly understand what is being insured.

Sporting events are our bread and butter so we also understand the liability risk exists and how to mitigate this exposure.

As the events held at a venue are its life blood we can protect revenues through non-appearance and other cancellation covers – where we are market leaders.

Paul Bassman

Utilising our broking experience in both the sporting and entertainment world, at Doodson we can find the right cover for you if you run or own a venue.

Paul Bassman
Doodson Entertainment

Special Events Insurance

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